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  • Facebook Lead Generation System - This course in the members area will show you everything you need to know to begin generating your own leads with Facebook!  This course alone helped one member spend $20 on a Facebook Ad that generated over $18,000 in commissions (1 buyer transaction and 1 seller transaction)!
  • Sphere Of Influence System - 60% of your business comes from your Sphere! This course in the members area will teach you step-by-step how to set up your own Sphere Of Influence marketing system that will help you sell more houses to your existing Sphere!  
  • Time Management Success System - After 1,000+ meetings with top realtors© I created a time management success system that will help you set your days up for success.  This course in the members area will show you ALL that you need to know!
  • Google Marketing System - This course in the members area will show you to take advantage of Google to market your business on Google for FREE!
  • BONUS #1: Success Blueprint - This special module in the members area will show you step-by-step what you need to do set yourself up for success starting right now!  You will learn exactly what you need to and the exact action steps you need to follow to sell more houses (this is an easy to follow roadmap that leaves nothing out)!
  • BONUS #2: Business & Marketing Roadmap - Most realtors© do not know how to market their businesses.  This special bonus system that you will find in the members area will teach you how to market your business better than any other realtor© in your market.
  • BONUS #3: Instagram Leads - You will learn step-by-step how to generate a ton of leads for your business with low-cost ads on Instagram!
  • BONUS #4: Sphere Of Influence Marketing - Would you like to learn how to stay in-touch with your Sphere better thru the power of Facebook? Well, you are going to learn how to do it in this bonus section! This one method generated a $400,000 deal for one of our members and she only spent $3 dollars on a Facebook Ad to generate that deal....not bad - what do you think? You are going learn how to do it for your business too!
  • BONUS #5: Private Facebook Community - When you join you will become a part of a community!  Our Facebook community will be there for you every step of the way.  These are other realtors© that you can network with and that will help you, guide you, and share even more success secrets with you.
  • BONUS #6: Weekly Question & Answer Sessions - To support you even more you will receive weekly Q & A Sessions inside of the Private Facebook group where you can ask any question to our staff on live Q & A calls each and every week.
  • BONUS #7: Motivational Monday's - Staying motivated can be hard at times.  Each week on Monday's you will be able to participate in motivational live calls that will help support you and keep you on-track towards your goals!
    We believe in supporting our members.  We also support you with email support.  Also, each month you will receive new strategies and content that will keep you ahead of the pack and keep you on-track in the latest techniques to grow your real estate business!
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